1976 ACCO 2150B

Acco and Marshall

ACCO and DodgeAcco and MarshallOne important part of my collection is my 1976 ACCO 2150B.  Seems only fitting to write an article on the Truck!

The ACCO (Australian C-line Cab Over) can trace its lineage back to the 1958 army vehicle the AACO which evolved into the ACCO in 1967.  Then in 1972 the tilt cab ACCO A series cab was created which is what this 1976 ACCO has.  The ACCO tilt cab style of cabin is still in production today!  With the unique profile of the cab hardly changing.

My particular ACCO is designated as a 2150B yet as people have pointed out that it has a ACCO A model cab not the B model cab.  The B model cab was introduced in 1977 with a number of improvements.  Why they placed 2150B model plates on the A model cab I haven’t really come to an understanding but it is possible as my truck was built during the final years of the A cab some of the components where being phased in/out and my truck may have components more in keeping with the running gear of the B series not the A series.  It is hard to tell.  But it is a A style cab.  And all plates indicate it is indeed a 1976 2150B.ACCO & Thornycroft
ACCO and Mini
My truck was built in April 1976 in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.  Has air wedge brakes instead of the more modern S cam brakes.  Drive line is a Cummins 555 V8 diesel (with a Cummins PT fuel system) of 210hp with a capacity of 555 cubic inches (around 9 liters) coupled to a 10 speed road ranger gear box.  Final drive has a ratio of 6.59.  GVM is 13,570 kg with a GCM of 30,800kg.  The wheel base is only 123 inches or 3.1 meters (Consider a Holden Commodores have a wheelbase of 2.9 meters).  Giving it a great turning circle!

ACCO GoldsmithACCO Low Loader


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