How can I contribute to Heritage Machinery?

Heritage Machinery is intended to contain many interesting articles.

If you have an article or an idea for an article please contact us via the contact us page.

We will also be looking forward to gathering a number of regular contributors to our site. Again please contact us if you wish to do so.

All articles submitted on the basis that the contributing authors hold full legal copyright of the article and attached media. And on submitting to the Heritage Machinery website provides same with exclusive online rights to the article.

How to submit items to the Events Calendar?

All new events can be submitted by the contact form. Please ensure you include contact email and website for further information.

What will I find on this site?

Heritage Machinery will be endevouring to cover a wide range of Historic, Vintage and Veteran Machinery of all types.

Focusing on Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial Machinery. Such as (and not limited to) Steam and IC engines. Vehicles such as tractors, trucks, Buses, earth moving and other similar vehicles. Industrial history sites and any thing else that fits into the broad heading of Machinery with a focus on items that were used in the process of making a living!