Interesting Online Steam Video’s and Sites


For this article I thought I would share a number of my own Video’s that I have stored over on YouTube.  Also a couple of other links to interesting sites I have found.  While yes some of them aren’t Australian sites they are certainly of interest for different reasons.

The first is a video I took over 10 years ago of a Fowler and Foden Traction engine travelling on the road around Warragual Victoria.  Unfortunately the quality isn’t to good this is due to it being prior to Digital video camera!

The next video was again taken over 10 years ago of a run undertaken by 3 steam trucks from Melbourne to Echuca for the steam rally.  The 3 steam trucks were 2 foden’s and a Sentinel.  Again the quality of the video is poor as this is also a converted video from an analogue source.

Now for some other items I have found on YouTube that I believe would be of interest to others.  (I do not own any of these and are Copyrighted by their respective owners)  There are many interesting videos out there but these stand out to me as being something different.

The first is an American Road Locomotive at National Threshers Association event at  Wauseon, Ohio.  By YouTube user wurlitzer153duplex.


And the final item isn’t a video but a website.  This website has been designed to be a museum/encyclopedia of Unusual locomotives.  Everything from single Cylinder locomotives to Soda Locomotives!  Some extremely interesting historical information is contained here and well worth a read.  The author of the site has certainly put lots of time in the research and always updating / reviewing with new information.  This is a site so worth regularly checking back

Again this is not my site and is entirely external to Heritage Machinery.

Just a couple of interesting items that are around the web!  Please use our contact page if you have other items that will be of interested for our visitors.