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Dodge truck

Marshall Steam PortablesHeritage Machinery will be covering a wide range of Historic, Vintage and Veteran Machinery of all types.

Focusing on Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial Machinery. Such as (and not limited to) external (eg/ Steam) and Internal (eg/petrol, Diesel) Combustion engines. Vehicles such as tractors, trucks, Buses, earth moving and other similar vehicles. Industrial history sites and any thing else that fits into the broad heading of Machinery with a focus on items that were used in the process of making a living!

Heritage Machinery has been created with the assistance of Heritage Collectables.  It will rely moving forward to Heritage Collectables ongoing commitment as well as the support of our Advertisers, interested groups and other visitors to our site.
International ACCO 2150B truck
We are interested in hearing from anyone willing to assist with interesting Content and Coming events.  Please drop us a line via the contact page.

While Heritage Machinery has been in development for some time there are still many items that need finishing as well as the all important content.  But we have now achieved step 1 in getting the basic website working.  There may be some bugs or issues (please let us know via our contact page if you find any!) but we will continue to refine and improve our environment I hope you will be patient while we continue to get things settled.

Mine Head at Cobar

Mine Head at Cobar opposite tourist information

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