Yarloop Workshops

Yarloop Workshop

Yarloop WorkshopsIt is regularly said that bush fires are a part of the Australian Bush.  Unfortunately I guess history has proven this correct many times over the years.  The worst part is any loss of life and unfortunately reports indicate that this appears to have occurred in the recent fires south of Perth.  But another great loss is to animals, property and items from our history that can get caught up in these terrible events.

A major part of our industrial history was lost recently when the fires hit the historic Yarloop Workshops. Yarloop Workshops Which in Australia (and maybe the world?) was extremely unique.  Finding steam engines as well as all the associated equipment, workshop and other facilities in their original location is unique enough.  But to have many of the tools, patterns and other smaller components still as they were in their hay day made Yarloop Workshops especially unique part of our History.Yarloop Workshops

The workshops were built in 1896 to service the timber industry it was then recognized for its significance by the National trust in 1974.  Yarloop WorkshopsThe workshops finally closed in 1978 due to cyclone damage causing many of the buildings to be classified as unsafe.  However in 1981 volunteers began to restore the facilities in keeping with the original working conditions.
Yarloop Workshops
At this stage it isn’t clear how extensive the damage is.  But we hope that in some way the workshops will live again.

Photos provided by the Blair Family 2008 trip